From Hospital Bed to Business Plan: How Turkey Berries Transformed a Young Agripreneur’s Life

by Aug 31, 2023Community, Entrepreneurship, Food Innovation, Social Impact0 comments

In 2016, Millicent Agidibo-Adoboe was diagnosed with anaemia and admitted to the hospital for about three weeks. Her haemoglobin levels were as low as 4.3, an indication that her blood was having difficulty carrying oxygen throughout her body and removing carbon dioxide. This necessitated a blood transfusion to save her life. However, while they sought for blood donation, the doctor suggested to his husband Bright Adoboe to supplement her diet with turkey berry, locally known as “Abeduru”. To his astonishment, the wife’s health improved, and her haemoglobin level increased to 8.6.

Millicent Agidibo-Adoboe, a food scientist by profession, embarked on a research journey of the turkey berry plant with his spouse, who is a chemist by profession.  Turkey berries are small tropical green berries with a bitter taste but many health benefits. They grow well in places with full sunlight. While they cannot survive beneath a closed forest canopy, they are adaptable to a variety of soils. The plant has many medicinal benefits including: the ability to relieve gout pain, regulate menstruation, reduce cardiovascular diseases, prevent cough and cold, and prevent intestinal worms, among others.

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